At PG&A Accountants & Advisers, we understand that our customers are more than just a number.

At PG&A Accountants & Advisers, we understand that our customers are more than just a number. We treat our clients like part of our business, offering professional consultation services for all aspects of accounting and taxation.

Just 10 Reasons why PG&A Accountants & Advisers is anything but your typical accounting service

Our mission since we started over 20 years ago was to help people who want to build better businesses and financial futures while smashing the “bean counting accountant” mould forever.

That’s why people of all ages, walks of life and business backgrounds engage and connect with us.

One thing we have learned is that each person’s needs are different and that we can’t give you any advice here and now.  So, we welcome you to arrange your 45 minute consultation by calling us on (07) 5594 2423 or emailing us so we can find out more about your specific goals and needs.  In the meantime, below are just some of the reasons why you should make that call.

  • Jargon Free English - we explain everything in simple to understand English.  We’re all about people and delivering the information and strategies in a language that people can understand, action and use;
  • Generational wealth and clients - for over two decades our services and expertise have created generational wealth for many of our private and business clients and their families
  • No hidden charges - we believe in honesty and transparency so where we can we give you an upfront price for the work that we are going to do for you.  It’s important you know what we’re doing and what it will cost you before we start working together AND you won’t be charged a credit card fee for using American Express, Visa or Mastercard
  • We’re only human - if a mistake is made in your financials or tax returns, we will fix the mistake at no cost to you or if we are responsible for late lodgement of your tax return or BAS then we will apply to have that waived by the ATO or pay it for you
  • Personality plus - we’re in the business of helping you make money and create wealth. We do take what we do very seriously but we like to have fun and make you smile every chance we get.  You will also receive invitations to client information sessions and events, where over a drink and some cheese and crackers, we can inform you of issues that are essential to your business and your financial future
  • Network resource centre - if you need something outside our scope of expertise, just ask and we’ll tap into our network of professionals who are ready, willing and able to serve you, saving you time, money and frustration
  • We come to you – we know what it’s like running a business, that’s why if you can’t get to us we can get to you
  • Accessible – your calls will never be screened, you will be transferred directly to the person you want to speak to
  • Community involvement – we support a number of community and charitable organisations (see right)
  • We love talking to our clients and being able to help!