Confused, overwhelmed or frustrated with the compliance placed on you as a business owner? 

This is how people like you have benefited from working with us :

Client A was a client who had started a small business, built it up and was still operating as a sole trader.  Problem was he was worried that his personal assets were in jeopardy if anything was to happen to the business.  After meeting with him in his free 45 consultation, we reviewed his business and what he wanted to achieve and put a structure in place which gave him not only tax benefits but protected him, his family and his personal assets.

Client B had suffered a downturn in his business after the GFC so got behind in his lodgements and tax payments.  He was sure he would have to declare himself bankrupt.  We got him up-to-date with 5 years of tax returns and BAS, organised a payment arrangement with the ATO and now he is up-to-date and can get on with his life.

Client C, a time poor business owner was having trouble keeping her bookkeeping up to date, so we got her onto a  “cloud based” software programme.  She now gets her bank transactions sent directly into the software and completes her bookkeeping in half the time.  She also loves that we can log in at any time to check the file for errors, do her BAS or some tax planning before the end of June.

Client D had an inexperienced bookkeeper doing his data entry.  He didn’t realise that a lot of the GST he was paying was not being picked up.  Once we found the errors they totalled over $14,000.  We amended his previous BAS and was able to get them refunded.  We then found him a reliable bookkeeper so he doesn’t have to worry about his data entry being correct anymore. 

These are just examples of the people we have helped over our 25 year history who are making a better life for themselves and operating a better business.

Tax and accounting is complex and his fraught with costly mistakes if people don’t have the proper expertise.  So instead of trying to figure all this out on your own, seek out the service with the expertise to help you. 

So, whether it’s taxation or accounting PG&A Accountants & Advisers can make a difference to you and your business with trust and reliability.

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Confused, overwhelmed or frustrated with the compliance placed on you as a business owner? Concerned about protection of your personal assets? Don’t know what software you should be using or whether to take the plunge and go into the “cloud”. You are not alone!