Are you getting the right advice at the right time to help you reach your financial goals?

Are you getting the right advice at the right time to help you reach your financial goals? Now that we’ve got your tax, accounting and business sorted, it’s time we focus on you and your family’s financial future.  

These are the types of questions you can expect when you start working with us :

  • Do you have a will?
  • Do you have an Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Do you have enough personal insurance for you and your family to live in the event of sickness or death
  • How much super do you have?
  • When do you want to retire?
  • How much income do you want in retirement?
  • Do you have a retirement plan?
  • Do you have a  plan for reducing debt?

These are unpleasant and sometimes difficult questions for many people but very important so we make it easy for you by introducing you to our specialist financial planners and risk advisers who work with us closely to make sure your financial goals are met.  We can also introduce you to legal practitioners who also work closely with us to make sure our client’s estate planning is current and up to date and considers business structures and self managed super funds.

We have experienced first- hand what a good estate plan can do.  Paul Gillett was one of the firm’s founding partners.  Just 3 months after Sue McKeen became a partner in the firm Paul was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  Six months before our specialist Risk Adviser had sat down with both of them to review their insurances in view of the pending partnership.  It was discovered that both were underinsured.  His advice was accepted and the policies put in place.  Paul’s first claim was a Trauma policy claim due to the diagnosis of cancer.  He was being treated by a specialist in Sydney so this helped with travel and accommodation costs incurred when he went for treatment each month.  Paul’s second claim was on an Income Protection policy due to the time he could not work.  Sadly, he passed away around 2 years from the time he was first diagnosed.  He had a valid will, there was a business succession agreement and insurance in place to fund it along with a life insurance policy.  The insurance proceeds were paid to Pauls’ family for his share of the business and the business transferred to Sue. 

Unfortunately because these are unpleasant subjects, we all tend to ignore them.  Our experience has made us passionate about the right advice at the right time to make sure you and your family’s financial future is secure.

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