Our Stories

We prefer for our results, and for our many satisfied clients to do the talking. Perhaps one of these stories is just like you, and as an owner-operated small to medium business, we are also ‘just like you’ – so we get it.

*While these stories are real, names and images have been changed for confidentiality.

Tomorrow Starts Today

This in fact, is Sue’s own story.

Paul Gillett was one of the firm’s founding partners. Just 3 months after Sue McKeen became a partner in the firm Paul was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Only six months prior – PG&A’s specialist Risk Adviser had sat down with both of them to review their insurances in view of the pending partnership. It was discovered that both were underinsured.

Future Planning

Some years ago, Chris started a small business. He successfully built it up and was continuing to invest in his growing business. Despite the growth, Chris was still operating as a sole trader. He soon became concerned that his personal assets were in jeopardy if anything happened to the business.

We spent time with Chris, not only reviewing his business, but also understanding what he wanted to achieve on a broader basis – professionally, financially and personally.


When you’re busy running your own business, you happily accept whatever help is on affer at the time. Ryan had an eager, but inexperienced ‘helper’ doing his accounts and data entry.

Unfortunately for Ryan, his bookkeeper wasn’t thoroughly reviewing the accounts and picking up much of the GST he was paying. In a short space of time, we picked up over $14,000 in unclaimed GST.


There never seems to be enough hours in the day. Balancing a busy work life, with an even busier home life is a challenge many of us face, and few of us truly conquer!

Kate runs a small, successful business. Keeping up to date with the accounts, and doing all the bookkeeping was taking a back seat simply due to not having enough time. We were able to successfully transition Kate to a cloud based accounting package, and teach her how to best use it.


Sometimes in life (yet seemingly often in business), things happen that are outside of your immediate control. One day you are running a successful business, and the next – the Global Financial Crisis is headline news and your business is suffering.

Brett is one such client who experienced this first hand. During and after the GFC, his business suffered a considerable downturn. As a result, and can easily happen – BAS lodgements and tax payments started to fall behind and Brett thought declaring bankruptcy was his only option.

Advice for every stage in life

Everyone is different. Every business is different. Everyone has different dreams and goals. At PG&A our goal is to understand YOU and what you are hoping and wanting to achieve.

Be it professional or personal goals, and regardless of your stage of life or business – we take the time to understand where you have been, where you are, and where you want to be. We then help you get there.

Here to help


At PG&A Accountants & Advisers, we are fully equipped to handle all of your accounting and financial concerns and queries. Whether you need help with your business accounting and tax, protecting your assets or want to plan for a more comfortable retirement, we can provide a solution to suit you.

With almost 30 years’ experience, we are experts in all aspects of accounting and taxation and understand what it’s like to operate a small business. From general business advice to explaining tax implications, to appropriate structures and personal and business insurances, in conjunction with our referral network, we offer honest, down-to-earth service that ensures you are happy every step of the way.

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